Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three <3 <3 <3

Jams and sweets has been together now for 3 months.


The blog may have been dead for quite sometime now because of you busy scheds.. But rest assured we're still hanging around at the same channel, same time! Just feel free to pm your friendly chums Welling and Peruvoille.

Happy 3rd month da! Love ya lots~


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy valentines day to everyone!

Tough celebrating it when your loved one is so close yet so far away.. But it's ok! Keep the spirit of happy heart's day alive.

Take the chance to show people you love them, may it be by giving fancy gifts, fragrant flowers, sweet chocolates, valentine cards, precious jewels or just a simple kiss/hug. Everyday can be like valentines if only we tend to be more expressive of how we feel.. We can also show our love for them if we say the simplest yet sometimes the 3 hardest words to say..


"Despite the distance, the differences and the circumstances we face, I'll always love you and only you. I hope the day comes soon that I can show you what all these words mean. I love you, I love you"

- Welling


Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Toys



Long since we last updated this lil blog of ours.

Been a lil busy with grinding to expert. We've been parking ourselves at Ancient Territory almost all the while for the past 2 weeks, staring at freakin mudmans with half opened eyes.

We take short breaks now and then for tasks like chipping, ST, Verggie. Other than that - back to AT for grinding. So much for gaming eh -.-"

Took some Screenshots of the Level 100 equipment in our inventory a couple of weeks ago, but was lazy to crop nicely & put em up.

With CNY approaching & the purrrrfect excuse for me to slack at work - here they are.
Artwork's a bit crappy, brain has already shut down for holiday period. So just bear with me =D

And! Please. These are not OUR property. Most of these are faction property - waiting for homes.
Just sitting in our inventory temporarily while waiting to be adopted.

We do a lil chipping now and then, so these stats are not really updated. I believe we do have new toys too, will update once i get a moment.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Secret Temple

Secret Temple - One of the things we've been busy with these days.

It's getting more interesting recently, especially in a free PK area, with more participants from other factions due to news on the drops.

Da Mobs we meet inside:

Castors - They're pretty easy. Just hit space bar. They are not supposed to do much damage.
If these can do you damage, then you can pretty much forget about the rest of the raid.


Diabolo - This big guy here will spawn at a random location. We'll just have to keep running around to look for it while PKing others. He drops seal & random equipment.


Chaos Skullic - The main boss. Drops an outburst of seal and equips.
Boy this guy is tough. Trained fast fingers from it though, from potting :D


We'll usually have a lotta time while waiting for these main bosses to spawn, so we'll find silly things to do.

Welling was mobbed by the rest of the squad a few nights back, everyone ran around to lure castors to him while he was on the phone with me. His chars were on keep mode, i don't have to elaborate further.
Imagine taking more than ten castors at a go, and the rest of the team just standing aside to watch. Mean. LOL.


And oh yes! For the first time, i got upclose & personal with Diabolo. I can see his face, finally!
This won't be seen at Pradera definitely, he lives less than 10 seconds there.
Was granted an opportunity to solo him last night. Hah. Handsome dude he is.


But as it was a furious PK session at ST last night with another faction.. 2 hours time was up quickly.. so we didn't manage to kill Skullic & Diabolo and were teleported to T. Lakeside.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first post! :D

Hi everyone. Yes it's me Welling . My darling has been very busy updating our site and now it's my turn to do my share.

How are we? We're great! Never been better =D

Just to answer queries, yes we're a couple. I'm not handsome and I'm 173 cm. LOL. Peru hasn't been online lately because of usual work stuff. Me on the other hand has been AFK-ing basically the whole day and you can talk to me at night when we usually play together. We've been busy with Secret Temple, vergo, +6-ing our items and chipping them as well with the latter stuff, being the forte of Peru.

We've been getting a lot of questions and I just want to make something clear. Peru's IGN is Peruvoille and nothing else. Please don't mistake her for anyone else. Yes, she's my GF. Only her ok?

If you got any questions or inquiries that we can answer here without doing any damage to the game's balance and the outside world, feel free to leave a comment on this post and every post from hereon. We will try to answer them the best way we could.

Once more, this is Welling family from Caravaggio (in behalf of my da Peruvoille who is busy at work right now) signing off~

Monday, January 14, 2008

14th January, Night


AF Squad up to go Secret Temple.

Brought fighter, fighter, ets cause I prefer a resser around - so brought Kimi instead of Uncle Claude. Welling went triple melee.

Finally, had a chance to try out our 2-day-old Elite Moonstone Rod. Welling had his try during CW, but i haven't got a chance to touch it yet.
Nothing fantastic, only that it has this real nice glow on it. Guess that was only the reason i wanted it. Hah. Vanity. Women. Roll your eyes.

Price to pay for vanity: Traded one of our babies, a +7 Pizarro with AR+3 & 20% ATK for it.

Pisang Splash with the new toy.. looks the same to me. HoD.. same too. I'm not blonde, but I admit i'm kinda dumb when it comes to stats/ dmg/ atk.

It got real boring in ST, a free PK area - so a kill-our-boredom game was started - courtesy of our dear Friema (WHO happens to be the squad leader AND has the authority to kick whoever he wants killed).

Our dear Welling the FL was the first to be booted out of the squad, and .. yes.. we started to hunt.. the FL.


Open the zone map, and see all the green dots running all over the place after the red dot.


It's all PK mode in there, and with the number of members we had in our squad - a simple hit of our spacebars will get whoever booted outta squad, smelling the floor. Real quick.

This cycle went on.. and almost everyone got booted outta squad. Thank god, being the only lady - i was exempted from.. the brutality.

Thank you guys, i love you all.

[Please do this again, so that i can take some SSes this time]

2 Hours later - we managed to catch a short break before Uncle Verggie was up, so hung around in Auch.

Darn. Itched to get another +7 pizz. Currently holding a +6, after failing +7 twice.

Shall i or shall i not. Call me weird, but i was real uncomfortable holding a +6 pizz. The sight of it.. irks!

Fine, let's do it. Rio, please be kind.

Insert +6 Pizarro.

Insert Max Boosters.

Insert Impervium.

Click Enchant.

Squeezed eyes shut.. said a quick prayer.. and listened.


WOOT! My 4th +7 Pizz, born!

I kept rather quiet, cause Welling was busy talking in squad.

PMed him.


He took 5 seconds to digest, and caught it.

"Vicente Pwned?"

"Yes baby, Vicente Pwned =D"


Sunday, January 13, 2008

About Us - Romance in GE


That's US.

Welling and Peruvoille in GE.

Boy-meets-girl & Girl-meets-boy online.

What happens next?
Dream Scenario: We set up a date via e-mail and we meet at a cyber-cafe. We'll sneak into a secluded room, where Girl agrees to a download from Guy's hard drive. As soon as Guy was ready to upload, we discover that neither one of us has a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appears and says:

"You've got MALE!"

Haha. Joke aside.

We'll be sharing more of what we do in GE - our raids, quests, findings & our equipment in later blogs. Stay Tuned :)